India – Pakistan conflicts

Conflicts of India and Pakistan :– Terrorism has increased in the last few years and is an issue of grave concern . It has affected many nations & such is the case of India and Pakistan . On September 18 , the Pakistan army killed 18 Indian soldiers by attacking the Uri region near the … Continue reading India – Pakistan conflicts


causes of conflict !

A conflict is very different from war. War can be ended by winning or losing , but in a conflict nobody wins and nobody loses , things just get worse . Especially , when a conflict has roots linked to terrorism , it can never be stopped . Such is the case of India and … Continue reading causes of conflict !


  It's been two and a half year since Modi took place as the Prime minister of India. He proved why he is the best Prime minister ,  India has ever got! Because India is the world's fastest growing big economy. Gross domestic product growth dipped to 7.1% in the quarter ended June, a disappointing performance but one … Continue reading Modi-economy

The outspoken president

The recent deeds of president of Philippines chilled me . The current president of Philippines , Robert Duterte, 71 , won elections with a majority on May 9 , 2016 .The 2016 general election in south-east Asia’s oldest democracy saw a record engagement with an estimated 80% turnout of the 54 million registered voters. Duterte promised … Continue reading The outspoken president